What's is wrong with you ...You look depressed.Like your continuously  searching for love.But just can't quite find it.You're  looking so  hard tho.So hard that you overlooked the 4 that actually love you the most for the woman you lust. I know exactly who you feel a hole in your heart.That your mom never filled and over looked .And your dad didn't care about .But do you know you have 4 souls that actually loves you and tries to fill every hole in you're heart?there's 4 people that's willing to dive head first in your river of controversy And swim in your tears and fear And you know who we are but your scaredSo you run you lie you hid you would do anything that's convenient to youyou'll have a line of excuses for your missing in association in all this motion and commotion Look at me being consumed in my emotions so now I see you're  controlled  by the envy of the man that walked out on you I compared the synergies of our situation trying to have tranquillity to this man that keeps turning his back on me.   -fatherless child

This poem is about: 
My family


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