Tue, 04/19/2016 - 15:27 -- Wolvena

The fog fills the city

Smoky tendrils wrap around the silence

The moon is hidden, barely a whisper of its light survives

The fog shadows everything


Walking in the fog

A tranquil silence prevails

A soft tune falls from my lips

My steps are loud in the silence


Around me the fog is cool

My hand reaches out to touch it

It slips from my grasp

A giggle slips from me


Sitting against a tree

Branches above create shadows of skeletons

The skeletons are in my mind

The others in my mind are calm

They love this as much as I do


Too soon I shall need to go home

Too soon the sun shall burn away the fog

Too soon I’ll need to face the day

But for now I can rest


For now I sit

The fog wraps around my body

It slips into my lungs

Down, down, down,

Down to a soul I’m not sure exists

For now though

For now the fog can be my soul

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