A Foe Once Friend

Are they the enemy? 

I've always asked myself, just where do their priorities lie? 
Who is on my side? 

Young, weak, trembling, 

I stand with frailty, 

But I stand.

I stand. I will keep standing,

And I will fall. 
But I will stand. 

The rims of their eyes obtuse, coiling in hostility,


Hissing their disparities at me, eternal demise - I realize, 

In this world, 

I will never be enough. 

Fourteen, I have been made small, and yet I grow, grow, grow

My mind, though tall, has dulled

Where did the color go?

From the world that once fluttered, hues abundant had flown

Yet, sprouting forth, a serpent.

A serpent had grown, 

And with fangs like daggers, enmity elastic,

My hands, once youthful, now tainted by victimhood

The deep, penetrating holes of snake eyes 

There the truth lies,


To them, I will never. 

Be enough.


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