Learn how to love yourself
How to stand alone
stand tall without anyone's help
Do all this before you enter in something with someone else
Command respect, for you are a future queen
Please don't just let someone come in and treat you badly
Please don't settle for less
I don't care what anyone else says
He'll only fuck you over if that's what you accept
Think of a connection
one you feel in your soul
Does he make you smile?
Does he make you comfortable?
With him, do you feel alive and whole?
When you find him, you will know
And please don't go out searching for love in the dumps of the world
Those boys are only searching for open legs from girls
They have a silver tongue, with words so sweet
Be aware be cautious
Never naive
As for now please
don't focus on things you don't understand
Because you'll meet him someday, it's all in God's plan
Just keep your head up and focus on you
For now, that's the only thing you can do

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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