The (Fly) Trap


United States
26° 12' 49.2084" N, 80° 16' 20.3052" W

In the penetrated sky i await
For the delicious prey to reappear
I ready the unforgivable bait
And lure the wandering target thats near.
The sweet dulling scent of loveable food
Draws all who crave the destructable treat.
Go in little fly ill spoil the mood,
As i devour you in blazing heat.
The fly was obviously way too wise.
It drank the nectar clear, as if no threat,
And evaded the unsuccessful tries
Of the plants attempts at his only bet.

Lesson: Although capture seemed inevitable, success can sometimes be intangible.

Guide that inspired this poem: 


This poem was made in thought of lifes succes in what seems to be unforgivably bad times.

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