Fluently Spoken, Oppositely Done

A million miles traveled in chapped cracked lip carriers

Vibrant white shoes standing in a doorway 

Waiting to pass beyond the welcome mat 

Form imprints in the carpeting


Minds constructing invisible buildings

Imaginary cities only stand beautifully in untouchable thoughts can never take form

Inches above the ground never able to land only able to float never solid only air

Solid are surrounding rusted rubbled buildings of what was embracing a gray skyline


Immersed in the fog of forgotten ideas

Trapped behind towering walls built of old tired answers 

Stacks of crisp fine print bricks held together with words of false hope

Towers that proudly stand as  barrier of actual progress only temporary fixes


Graffiti shouts to be heard by towers inhabitants 

Colors whispering to expensive suits on high expecting a response

Striking green eyes  shielded from ever seeing the destroyed ground

It remains masked by dark clouds formed in particals of forgotten promises 


Tomorrows that will never come

Todays of the ever present demand 

Yesterdays speaking of the solution 

Years to cover rubble cities in paper towers 


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