The Flowers Of Your Garden

You were my second chance or so I thought

I was fragile and scarred when we crossed paths

Emerging from a Summer of anguish and regret you caught me off guard

Love was not on my list of healing remedies

But still I believed

Your intense gaze hatched butterflies in my stomach and your boyish grin planted roses in my heart

After making my way up the mountain of heartbreak thanks to you I fell again

You made me fall with no intent of catching me and swept me to the side instead of off my feet

The thorns of those roses no longer jab me in the heart when I hear that song as they have long since wilted along with those butterflies who have fluttered away

The sound of your voice has ceased to tie my stomach into knots.

Seeing you with her gives me nothing but a laugh because those once fierce eyes are now filled with regret and longing.

I realize now that it was silly of me to ever believe that I was the only flower in your garden


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