Tue, 03/08/2016 - 10:36 -- schlehb

Do you feel like you don’t belong?

Can you shake the feeling of something wrong?

Do you always feel alone?

Even when you talk on the telephone?

Do you use the sharpness to dull the pain?

Does that jagged edge make it rain?


Well let me tell you now.

You’re not alone.

You’ll always have me by your side.

So take a bow.

You’re the kid that’s been strong

You’ve held back the tide.


But now it’s time to say..

Open the floodgates.

Let your tears wash away the pain.

It’s not too late.

To turn around and walk away.

Just close your eyes.

Let your tears slide.

You’ll be feelin’ better in no time.

Crying isn’t wrong.

It’s whatcha do when you feel you don’t belong.

So just listen to me..

Open the floodgates.

Just open the floodgates..


You come home and lock yourself in your room.

You scream and shout that God don’t come through.

You hold the tears back and grab that knife.

You go to end your life with just one slice.

Then you think of all your friends.

Your hand starts to descend.

You drop the knife and bite your lip.

Shaking and shivering you say you’ll quit.


Your tears fall down..

You’ve opened the floodgates.

You look around..

The tears seem to brighten your fate.

The world now seems.

To be alive.

You’ve finally gotten rid of

That dead look in your eye.

You’ve opened the floodgates.

Opened the floodgates..


You go to school

You hear the same damn fools

But this time you just walk away.

You begin to think and pray.

You whisper to God.

Let them open the floodgates.

Let them see the beauty of this place.

Let them be better people now.

I want to see them work it out.

It’s all because.

You’ve opened the floodgates.



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