Like a thief in the night

It came.

Merely a year was requested,

And merely a year was given.

Althought not always bonded, 

Bonded they were in blood.

Father and son,

Soaring to men's mighty mountains, 

Only to plunge further into oblivion, 

They accomplished greatness, in love's place.

Aware of the seasons passed, 

And of those yet to be passed,

Stagnant they remained.

One by will, the other by Fate. 

For years.

Until Fate loosened its glorious grip,

Allowing its captive to fly as free as a phoenix,

Allowing each to stir the stagnant waters,

Allowing balance to be reatored.For only but a year. 

Until Fate's hand could grasp the other.

And this time, 

He would never let go.


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