Flaws And All


I looked at her

I took a good long, long look at her

At moments she was as pretty as the multi-colored sunset, waving goodbye as it faded it into the ocean

But then there were those moments that her face absolutely disgusted me

Her hair seemed to always be misplaced, her edges… they were shedding

And as she turned to the side, you can see that black spots and acne bumps lived comfortably on her cheeks

But nevertheless, she smiled, and God blessed her with the most dazzling smile I have ever seen

Except, there was one problem, she had a slight gap… it was slight, but it was there

Over her lips and around her nose you could notice how the little brown dots stood stationary

Her face was never that clear

I would know, I have been watching her for years

When you took a glance at her, she was a beauty queen or the next Aphrodite

But stare at her, like I did

And you would notice her many flaws, her weaknesses… physically

With a swift movement, yet timely movement she applied lip gloss very delicately with her left index finger

She decided today, she was showing her flaws…

She was tired of using makeup to only make up who she wanted to be

And she just stood there

Noticing a misplaced hair, she patted it down with the most precious touch there was

She stood there, and she stared for a minute

At everything that she thought was a disaster, a catastrophe

I guess she didn’t see what I seen

In that split second, she turned away from me

And I sat there and waited for her to return once more, I knew she would be back later on

She returned, as thought, and this time as she looked at me with the deepest wondrous brown eyes

She smiled, and I smiled back as I seen the twinkle in her eyes

I think it was safe to say she saw herself as beautiful, with no flaws this time around

But just as quick as she came, she left… just as fast

But she made sure to take another quick glance of me

This time, I was more than sure that she liked what she seen


Well, until next time dear friend

No worries, whenever you get back I’ll just be hanging out here

Waiting for your return, once more



   Your reflection (:

  P.S. You’re Beautiful


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