Tue, 11/26/2013 - 02:18 -- Amandam



Were Living in a world where everything is expected to be flawless
Wow Flawlessness the last thing a world compacted with flaws should never ask for
Everyone has got there eyes on the prize
When did we decide you making me feel like shit had a prize to be won
Well there you have it Im broken
So go ahead show off to the other 
miserable souls like yourself 
And continue to drag whom so ever comes your way down into your ridiculous well thought of plan to make sure you point out the things they already see
PEOPLE like you are able  to spot the flaws of others right off the bat yet ignore those that has been with u form day one 
It is always easier to judge others when you should be judging yourself
Yet that doesn't stop the bristle words you shout at me 
 As humans we tend to forget that flawless is far form anythings we cant ever hope to be 
We forget that our flaws makes us who we are 
That Our flaws separates us form our neighbors 
We are Separated by flaws
 flaws that should never be held over our heads by others
Because a flaw is a flaw 
Never mind if its yours, mines, or ours
-Amanda Mercier
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