Flawless is not less than a flaw


Wherever I walk at night the light turns off.. 
Punching trees at the park on my way home..
Then I start beef on twitter just to piss people off..
Tell shit to my girlfriend until she goes home..
I kinda just wanna be alone you know at least for a day.. 
I can fuck me I can feed me I can even entertain myself.
It's just all these people all these problems I create that sometimes make me wish I wasn't ever part of it..
But I got a talent.. I know I do it's that I care.. 
I care about all these people and I care about the world. I'm not perfect in my own eyes but I am in my mom's.
What makes me perfect is that I'm not the best in the world, and what makes me flawless is that I'm not yet gone. 
I don't look like people magazines or TV. But I appear in children's dreams when they go to sleep. I'm coming to save the planet and save society, and if that isn't enough to be flawless then flawless won't ever happen.


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