F is for flavor

    Because I'm someone you should always savor

L is for lovely 

     Not only on the outside but the inside too honey,

A is for antique

    A soul that is older then my body so to speak 

W is for weightless

    For I may be chubby but in my mind I can care less 

L is for laughter

   For my ear rupturing laugh that lingers hereafter

   Because others sometimes like to use words to harm it and it's abused 

   But it's like an atomic bomb that can't be diffused 

E is for embrace 

   Because i tell myself often that my insecurities are not to be misplaced

  Or even erased

  But yes, they need to be embraced

S is for sinful

    For my life has not been pure and truthful

    But a lot of twists and turns that can consider me to be successful 

S is for a seed

   Planted by my kin indeed

  And whether it grows into a marvelous flower or stay a seed at it's smallest

  I sill will be












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