I woke up like this,

imperfected with flaws.

Bound to the earth by gravity

but im not bound to its laws.

Everything must serve a purpose

and I'm aware of my cause.

Not afraid of my true self I know

that i'm not perfect at all.

Everytime that i'm reminded

I know that I cannot stall--

Everyone says life is short so

I would like to be tall.

I'm hot as parties in the summer

yet as chill as the fall.

I haven't lived much of my life

yet I have been through it all.

I lived a life that wasn't perfect

but was worth it--

Because you can never find yourself

if you're not searching.

Never appreciate your health

until you're hurting.

Will always make the same mistakes

if you're not learning.

The things that I have been through,

built me and my mistakes have

shaped me.

I'm condescending and sarcastic but

that's the way god made me.

I love myself and all my issues,

that seem to act as tissues

in the muscle that i need to help me

get through what I been through.

Negative energy gets deflected

for I deserve to be respected

because even though I may

not be flawless I will strive to

be perfected!

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