Flawessly Flawed


Our youth seems to be caught up in a rapture, where Perfection is the bind

Daring to Be Flawless.

Outer beauty, wealth and name brand clothes

Tend to define us as individuals in society, rather than ourselves.

However, I refuse to let my future become desolate and choose to take the road less traveled; Robert Frost,

And that's what makes me flawless.

Because like Odysseus with the Cyclops--- any obstacle set in my path, I can stop

I can jump over, crawl under, knock it out of the way, like Layla Ali: "Nothing can stop me."

When my potenial is neglected, talent rejected, intelligence questioned, skills disrespected, I will not give up.

I ignore narrow-minded stares that only see skin-deep, unaware of the Einstein that is underneath there, because I am more complex than any science or math equation.

I am the ultimate investment. Wall Street can't shake me, society can't break me, so don't think a little jugdement will make me--- fall to my demise.

When I drive off in that 4 million dollar Mercedes Veneto

I will smirk at the so-called obstacles shrinking in my rearview mirror.

Like Django, I will look my oppressors in the face and laugh,

As I light a match to candy land and blow up my past.

A-a-a diva blows these basic mannequins to smithereens,

The ones who laughed at my dreams and aspirations now see me flawless,

Bow down. For I am the new and improved Queen Bee.

I can reflect back on the critiscms I face in my life for choosing a different path rather than letting society decide for me,

And thank God I escaped the rapture, where perfection is what I was expected to be.





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