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Blue eyes are fantasized about in every love song you'll ever hear Green eyes are a rare, swooning beauty But brown eyes are never talked about Because so few people realize how much more they are then just dark.
#n   ofilter now you can see my flaws
and perhaps
With big eyes of brown  That could never tear anyone down‏
Brown, round, full of love and happiness My eyes, my eyes They see so differently From you, from he, from she No one, no, no one can see What I see  
Our youth seems to be caught up in a rapture, where Perfection is the bind Daring to Be Flawless. Outer beauty, wealth and name brand clothes
Today I looked at myself in the mirror Ever day it gets a bit clearer I am flawless My eyes are brown The best in town Nothing can compare I am flawless I was born with them
There once was a little girl with brown eyes so big you'd think she'd seen a ghost, and tangled waves of hair that fell around her face The little girl with big brown eyes and wavy hair was excited to see the world
Brown. The color of warmth. The soul of the earth Beautifully brown, with Black lashes. One white smile I am gone. I am lost, I never want To be found.  
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