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I've been told 
And I've learned it too be true 
that the only way to happiness 
is to be good enough for you 

And I have a perfect secret 
I've been keeping for a while 
I hide my flaws and imperfections  
underneath a perfect smile 

In perfect slumbers, perfect sleep, 
those imperfections slowly creep 
through my body, thick as mud 
and soon they're swirling in my blood 

In every form that you can measure 
I need to be the best 
Smart, funny, lovely, kind, 
my hips, my waist, my chest. 

And I'll be flawless someday, 
though it may take a while. 
I'll stick my fingers down my throat 
until I'm puking perfect bile. 

So I'll smile my perfect smile 
perfect lips and perfect teeth 
though I'm empty, cold and breakable, 
I'll keep it hidden underneath 

A lovely girl 
A pretty girl 
that's what I want to be 
But truth be told, the biggest flaw 
I've ever seen is me.

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