I try to be a geed person,

who compliments every one,

never says a mean comment,

based on observation.


I try to be appealing,

I change from loud and energetic,

to quiet and absorbed,

based on who I'm with.


I try to love everyone,

give them second, third, fourth chances,

even when I know,

nothing's going to change.


I try to fight the tears every day,

not get voted off the island of friendship,

not care if I do.


I try... but I do care!!!


I care when I am nice but I get treated as though I am gum that lost its flavor,

chewed up, spit out,

waiting to get stepped on, 

then... scrapped off. 


I care when you laugh at me,

laugh for no reason at all,

when you’re supposed to be my friend.


I care when I walk in somewhere,

and people I don't even know stare...



Am I that weird, ugly, different???

Why can't people see me???

Why must I isolate myself???


...I am this...

             Gum on the sidewalk....


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