The Flavor of Ice Cream



The Flavor of Ice Cream

By: Leah Galvez


Chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, rocky road

sound delicious?

C’mon this is nothing to decode.

They are all different flavors, but they are all ice cream!

Same with people!

We are different races, but we are all human beings.

We are like the flavors of ice cream

So why can’t we just be a team?


It seems that we have forgotten, “I Have A Dream”,

the speech by Martin Luther King!

Because we now frown upon those, society calls


and we call human beings things!

We teach our children to scream

when a “thing”

that is not like them approaches

and maybe all they wanted to do was find a friend.

It’s time,

it’s time for us to mend

that open wound that keeps getting infected.

Remember the song “Why Can’t We Be Friends”, So why can’t we?

Why can’t we be the flavors of ice cream in an ice cream parlor

where nobody will judge what flavor you choose,

because in the end ice cream is ice cream.

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I wrote this poem because of an assignment for class. The prompt was what would I change and what made  me angry, and racial discrimination is a pet peeve.

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