The Flag of the United States - Received the Honorable Mention Award


As we sit at a parade,

We watch a flag go by.

All hats come off, all hands on hearts,

As we look at the majestic flag fly.


The flag is rectangular shaped,

Thirteen lines of white and red.

The lines alternate next to the blue,

The blue square with stars seen when in bed.


Our flag was designed many years ago,

By a girl named Betsy Ross.

She sewed so much until everyone was pleased,

With the flag that flew over the graveyard cross.


The red symbolizes courage,

That our military has shown,

The red symbolizes the blood,

shed for the freedom we own.


The white symbolizes peace,

That we hope to show to others.

The peace we feel when others are fighting,

And how we show peace towards our brothers.


The blue symbolizes perseverance,

How we keep going and going.

 The blue symbolizes justice,

And how we are fair in amounts overflowing.


The flag is full of courage, peace, and perseverance, 

Symbolizing the high death rates.

When the flag goes by, stand to your feet,

And respect the flag of the United States.


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