Fitting Into Your Shoes

The clock is ticking.

The world is slipping 

into a state of decay. 

Our parents won't see it, 

and we can't believe it, 

but we must change this state. 

We must learn, 

but not just about

or science. 

We must learn about others

and how we all fit together.

We must learn to find

a median that will allow us all

to be okay. 

We must teach eachother

what it means to live a pleasant life. 

We must raise our children 

to strive for a life, 

where the people are not arrogant

or ignorant 

of another's meaning of life.

Though we are not all the same,

do not believe, 
or speak, 
or dream

the same things,

but we all must

and eat,
and have something to drink,

so we must find a way to learn

about walking in other's shoes.

Even if your shoes are a size 3

and mine are a size 17,

we must learn to fit

with the greatest amount of comfort possible

for both of our feet,

so that our world can begin

to rejuvinate and grow once again.


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