A friend's voice echoes through the telephone

And that's wen I force myself to believe

That that small comfort really is enough.


I try to remember that I am loved

And not utterly alone in this place

But doubt can get through the smallest of cracks.  


I realize that people do care for me

But I also know that I hate myself

For being so selfish and ungrateful.  


At least I get this little bit of warmth

There are others who have never felt warm

And will only freeze the people they touch.  


But even if I have the chance to shine

I'm being suffocated by the lies,

The hurtful things, the pain, the tragedies.  


I am utterly disappointed in

Not only the failures in my own life

But the cruelty of all humanity.  


We push, we pull, we fight, we massacre.

That is a horrible waste of talent

I don't want to be so naive and false.


I want to bring smiles to those I care for,

Not bitter hatred and countless regret

But  i have no idea how to reach them.


They're flashes of light I can't hold onto,

I can't make them understand my feelings

So this will be the last night I stand here.  


Without really making a difference

I will fade into no one's memory

That's scary but I guess I deserve it.  


I turned away pure acts of acceptance

Because I needed something I could hold 

Only fitting that I should die alone.  


The only thing that will bare witness to

The final moments of my existence

Is the lonely sound of the dial tone..  



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