Fishing With You.

Thu, 05/02/2013 - 13:26 -- lizc158


United States
28° 55' 12" N, 81° 55' 12" W

If I just had one wish
It would be to fish
With you by my side
Just watching the ocean's tide

With our lines in
I know someone will win
Both in fishing and our little fight
That happens every night
Just for fun
But I already know who won
The winner is you.

I wonder
When the lines is going to go under
Then the lines get tight
But the fish got out of sight
We laugh as we pull in the line
Looking over it saying “it’s just fine”

Several hours later, the sun begins to set
But I am not ready to leave just yet
The cooler is full of fish just sat there on the dock
While I looked at my clock

I reeled my line into shore
Even though I wanted to fish some more
You just looked at me and smiled
While you wondered how many miles
We went today
Even if we didn't know our way

The moon rises as the sun sets
We pick up our poles and nets
Placed them in our cars
But then just lay on the dock watching the stars
With your arm around me
I wish this is how it could always be
Just us two fishing during the day
But as soon after just lay
Under the stars

That is what I would wish for
And nothing more
I love you always
Just as the days
Go by.



I love fishing, so it was my inspiration.

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