A relationship is a funny thing

Because only your significant other

can leave significant pain.

She holds a gun so close to my heart
That she fires without noticing
Leaving scars deeper than bottomless pits
Poisoned with anxiety, obscurity, reality
Because when I fell
I asphyxiated under the pressure of expectations
But I guess that's just how love is.

Granted there are many other fish in the sea
So If I'm having trouble with the one currently
Why not throw it away, and try for another?

Hell, what If I end up with a ''better'' fish?
A fish that I won't get into arguments with,
A fish that'll acknowledges that I'm not perfect
But will treat me as if I am
A fish that will love me more.

But who says I want a different fish,
Who says I don't want to keep the one I caught now
Who says the countless arguments, battles, and wars
Between self-satisfaction and empathy
Isn't worth it?



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