“I’ll be part of their world,” she sang and swam

To her collection of thingamabobs and

whatchamacallits and whatsits. She made

a lovely pair of legs and with a blade,

Ariel tore her torso wide. The meat

chunks of her fish flesh flew ‘til she could seat

herself in auto-mechanical dress.

Machinists have cried at beauty far less.

The great whites and scavenger fish chewed

her steaks, the fillets of her life – fish food.

Screwed tight to her device, she swam to shore.

Ariel was too late. The prince, who swore

His whole heart and flesh to a mermaid bride,

Was pressed to a temple girl’s naked side.

All promises made are promises kept.

Ariel cut out the organ she dreamt

Would beat for her ‘lone. She curtsied, smiling

Viciously. She leapt and sunk, beguiling

The octopus king with her charming grin,

Cut off his bulbous head, and stitched their skin.

The sea witch was born, her daughters many.

Her sirens sang to men and drowned plenty.


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