First Train to Heaven


United States
41° 54' 8.9388" N, 87° 44' 30.7824" W

Hear I stand a soldier
haunted by what I've done.
My ears still ring
with their screams.
My eyes still burn
burn with their faces.
I remember whispering
to each pair of eyes
don't worry you fools
the train leads to a better life.
Thousands board faces
gleaming with hope.
Away from the ghetto
away they go.
I chuckle to myself
for I have sealed their fate
with my two bloody hands.
They arrive with music filled ears.
My voice cuts through the noise
follow me.
A smile plastered on my checks.
You must wash to enter
the promised land.
Bliss smears across their faces
as they say
oh a shower would be lovely
my dear soldier
I cannot name.
They thank me over and over
as I lead them to my room
with gas stained walls.
Take off your clothes
and lay them neat.
Now enter.
In a straight line they file in
with their backs turned
I close the door.
Bliss goes to fear.
As snakes slither from the vents
one by one they drop like flies.
How could I stand there with a grin on my face
watching as innocent people
My beloved joy has turned into
a hateful regret.


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