First Time


Give your heart to me, you said

Give it all to me

Change the way you love for me

Change the way you breathe


Fill your heart with joy from me

Fill your head with stories

But dont read between the lines tell

Dont read between the lines


Your heart is on your sleeve for me

now let me take it down

Let me take your heart from you 

Mine is so cold now


Your heart is big enough

For the two of us

But she needs one too

No longer you


Still ill give my heart to you

Whats left of all the memories

Its all yours anyway

Its all yours anyway


I hope she likes the way you breathe

The way you see and steal

I hope she likes the stories you tell

I hope she sees it true. 


My hearts big enough for the two of you

Just remember who's it is

Remember me when all you need

Is a heart to hold your head. 





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