First Time

It was a normal day 
Except for the clouds
Blocking the sun
I was sitting in my room
Texting someone, A friend
He wanted to chill
I said cool beans 
I'm used to friends coming over
To watch movies, play UNO
Being the OCD addict that I am
I got up and cleaned- Mopping, dusting
I took a shower and lotioned up
I put on my sweats and a tee
I heard a knock 
He came in and hugged me
That night was different
You could see the Moon and shiny stars
We watched a movie and talked 
He asked if we could cuddle 
I didn't mind.........
In fact I wanted to
As I was slowly drifting off
I awoke to warm lips upon mine
I was startled at first
After all I wasn't used to this kind of chilling
Nevertheless I continued to let his tongue make love to mine
I felt myself heavily breathing 
I then felt cold hands on my back
As I arched it, the warmness moved down my body
My nipples welcomed the warmness 
I exhaled from deep within 
My body cried for more attention from this warmness
Inch by inch it traveled downward
And like the waves of the ocean my body flowed with it
The warmness went to my uncharted island 
Unknown to all but myself
With each sway of the tongue 
My brain became disoriented
Saying things the wrong way
I say no when I mean yes
I wanted more but said I wanted less
I bit my lip tightly to keep from bothering other neighboring islands
As the rain poured on my island 
I fell asleep 
When I woke up 
I thought it was a dream
But when I saw my friend lying there staring
I named my island Ecstasy


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