The First Time


No matter what, 

I will never forget the first time 

we kissed. 

Walking together on a trail,

completely captivated,

waiting for the perfect opportunity

to make time stop. 

We came upon a solitary bench,

and indulged in opportunity. 

You held me close

And my soul was at rest. 

I looked into your eyes

And saw the ocean. 

Vast and full of life. 

Excited by this new experience. 

I felt from within, a part of me 

trying to escape. 

Some leftover throw of passion

I had yet to set free. 

As your eyes searched mine, 

I let go. 


No matter what, 

Nothing will make me forget the first time 

We kissed. 

When you pulled me in, 

lowered your head, 

and found my lips. 

And I let it happen. 

Because I knew it was right. 


Em Anekaf

The phrasing of this poem is unique and really lends itself to creating the desired mood. I think putting "we kissed" underneath "the first time" is a very clever trick for the eyes. Your mind goes somewhere else before being dragged back to the innocence and purity of a first love. Well done!

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