First Song written " A Hip-Hop Love Story" | Inspired by Common's "I Used to Love Her"

Fri, 07/25/2014 - 18:17 -- Soulae


I met this guy when I was around 15,
he was way older than me, old school.. 
But it was cool, cause he was soulful,
Soul to soul,
Me and him,
We just clicked,
He was me and I was him.
At least that’s how I pictured it,
I would like to say he’s my soulmate,
but that’s moving to quick, right…
yea I guess..
But we meshed, like fabrics on fabrics,
Two of the same,
Both sensitive, and passionate, 
Smooth with his words, says all the right things,
When he talked he made my lips curl, and my teeth show,
When I was around him I got hype... I can’t lie,
It was like love at first sight,
My heart jumped, skipped a beat like I was a kid in a candy store.... type,
His presence made me feel all mushy inside,
Can I daydream, for a minute?
Let me try,
I see him, he sees me,
Our eyes connect this love is now complete,
how the stars and the moon are to each night, so is he to me,
This has to be... love that I see,
Ok, I’m... back to reality,
He asks me on a date one day,
I was surprised,
I didn’t even know that he liked me,
Well, were different in the eyes,
I said ok, sure,
He said Friday night I’ll pick you up,
I said cool,
He never came,
until I looked up and saw he was there,
I didn’t recognize him,
He was in disguise I thought,
But no,
He was just different from the other guys,
He was a mystery,
I fell in love with him,
He stole my heart,
You wanna know who I’m talking about,
 (deep pause) well…. Hip-Hop.


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