First Name?

They call me big Rick

Sir is your real name Nick

Go to the office now

Jeez mister don't have a cow

It is a sign of respect

Like when I see that your posture is perfectly erect

I mean no disrespect

Mr. **** just doesn't seem correct

I will own my mistake

I wasn't trying to be sneaky like a sly-little snake

Forgive me please

For you are the door and I need your keys

You hold the knowledge I need

Without you I would have never learned how to read

We are the same

Like me represent yourself by your first name

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My favorite part was probably "I mean no disrespect" because my intentions are not to disrespect  any teacher  by accidentl saying their first name. It just slipped out. We teach equality in this country and though the social norm for being in the classroom is to call the teacher by Mr.*** or Mrs. ***, we should be able to call them by their first name. It is a bold statement I understand that , but you get to a level of comfortability with a teacher where you might want to just call them their first name like a friend would call a friend by their first name. What is so wrong with that?

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