Why do you try
To fit in
When you’re a limited edition?
Alter your dreams
And you become
A sacrifice to the system.
Be an adventurer.
Chase your dreams
And find answers.
Never give up
When darkness lingers.
No pick and act,
We live our lives.
No time to count stars,
We reach for them.
3 am.
We’re chasing dreams.
We’re bleeding streams.
And so unlike the country,
I’m not bothered.
Breaking free of the agony,
We’ve got no borders.
Look Yaro.
We’re digging deep,
No need to go shallow.
We’ve got dreams to follow
So the circle grows narrow.
Sitting by the fireside,
We gather wisdom
For fireworks.
From Keysoap Concert Party,
We’re seeing the dream works now.
We’re going all out
Till we burnout.
We do what we do
For the culture.
Call me the Skrybla.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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