"Fire and Ice"


I’ll never know the difference between fire and ice,

They both strike a nerve under indifference,

Burying deep under the folding of membranes too hard to predict.

They both burn,

They both scar,

Two opposing features working under one moniker,


But, pain can foil and play the sweetest symphony,

It can sing in the night and set your heart aflame,

It can be the warmth of another’s body caressing under focus,

It can be the cool touch of parted lips,

Begging your body for release.

But, pain will always follow.

It can be the heat of an argument,

Or the frostbite of a draft of the heart.

For the foil always unfolds,

It will always shrivel away and burn a hole at the core.

For fire and ice were made to be double edged,

Swinging through the air like a knight at war,

Clashing metal and focusing on the survival of the fittest.

We can turn ourselves in on the inside,

Become nothing but an empty mask,

Doomed to walk the Earth for all eternity,

Forever seeing love and loss.

For love will never exist without loss,

And more times than not,

Loss wins out. 


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