The Finer Days


It was a long car ride on our way to our favorite beach, eager with anticipation to bury our toes in the warm sand.

The windows were down, the summer breeze and speed of the car blowing my ginger sun tinted hair around my face

as the sun shone brilliantly into my eyes, the smell of the coast pleasantly thrown in my face.


I always looked forward to these trips, especially when in Florida.

The clear, warm, cerulean water sparkling and the seagulls flapping and squawking.

The breeze blowing bits of sand into our hair and on sunkissed skin.

Hunting for shark teeth, boogie boarding in the foamy water, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

as the WHOOSHHHH from the waves reached our ears.


No one else but my family on the beach.


So calming.


Our trips usually ended with the approachment of the daily afternoon thunderstorm, dark ominous clouds slowly prowling towards us as a cat would stalk a bird.

But as we sat in the car engulfing pringles, apple sauce, and leftover sandwiches.... fuzzy, sandy towels underneath us,

we always look forward to another day at the shore.

And maybe we can go tomorrow?



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