Finding who I am

I've been in so many adventures 

in my life. some bitter, sour, and rotten and some sweet n bright


it was all 'bout finding myself. 

i was so lost in the dark wood of dangerous beings. traps we're lurking in every step you'd take

monsters waiting for me to fall so they'd attack and eat my bones. 

only very few have survived this journey i'm taking. 


no map, nowhere to turn to was I lost in those woods.

running, running,running...running to escape these vicious monsters that were after me, a branch laid out in front of me, and




                                                                                                                                  down I went.  


I then thought myself as a monster as well at one point. with long claws and huge horns upon

my head facing many directions, long fangs as if i could crush anything within 


a few angels came 

my humanity was brought back... I was nolonger a monster I am a human.

a human who was simply lost..

a human who had no one believe in her


cause of the monsters that were chasing her..


I was simply lost.

and with the help of these few angels.. 

I have found myself again.

I began to believe

I began to gain ground

I began to take a step foward

I began to ignore those monsters.

I create the dark miserable woods into a wonderful paradise.


through those dreadful moments in being lost.

somewhere I found Hope..


I found my self. 

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