Finding What I'm Looking For

Longing for love and soar for attention 

i was put on the street without my election

This isn't  the worst , it's actually quite nice

At  "home" I was eating crap and felt like ice

But wait1 What's this? 

You want a dog? Look! Take me!

Wait, I'll even give you a kiss!

Get off me you mutt! 

Did you hear me?! Did I stut?

The lady screamed and kicked 

I tried to tell her it was only a lick

and the next thing I know 

i can't breath and I'm dragging through snow

Suddenly the world goes black

and I hear other victims beginning to yack.  

What's going on, have i gone blind I wonder

Maybe I can escape I ponder

And suddenly the world comes into veiw

And for moments things seem askew

Then I knew 

I no longer need be blue


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