As the image of isoloation arrives
I wonder, is this a moment of peace?
I know I should be grateful to be alive,
But as i stare into utter emptiness,
My mind and soul feels completely empty.

Yes, I am alive.
But, I feel lost and frankly alone.
Those around me,
Seem to have it figured out.
As for me, I've never felt more lost.
I am losing sight of of the goals.
The dreams,
MY dreams.

Until the day I reach my destination,
I feel like it's an endless road.
To where?
That, I do not know.
How to get there?
I do not know.
But when I get there,
I WILL be happy.
Until then, I am lost.

At night, it's the worst.
Those who let their mind wander,
It takes them to a dangerous place.
Where is my mind?
In a jungle.
Every turn,
Every Step,
EVERY aspect,
Every single detail,
Is a mess. 

My mind is chaotic.
The complexity in it?
I do not understand.
But I do not mind.
When my mind and soul find it's moment,
That moment of peace, and pure happiness?
I will be ok.

I am grateful to be here.
To be Alive.
To search for the meaning of life.
MY life.

When the day comes,
The minute I finally get my moment,
The moment, where i know I'm ok.
The moment, I can look into their faces,
To see, nothing but joy,
To touch, the hearts of those around me,
To smell, that sweet smell of home,
To feel, secure,
But not only for myself, but my loved ones.
To know, I, me, myself, made them proud?
THAT will be MY moment.

The moment, where I will feel pure bliss,
To see, touch, smell, and feel victory.
But not any victory,
The victory and prize I want?
I cannot buy.
But, that, in itself, will be my prize.

Happiness will be my prize.
That day I will not feel alone,
Scared, and lost.
But I WILL find peace,
At the same time, feel peace.
I will feel Alive.
That will be my moment, 
My prize,
My dream,
My goal,


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