Finding Hope in Darkness


I’ll forget to breathe and forget there’s some purpose

Behind the broken scenes and the hope, so worthless

I’ll forget to think about the other people

Where they’re going, why they’re going, how they feel


Seconds later when I take the breathe I needed

My head will feel so light as my thoughts repeated

“You can’t get through life being so conceited”

“You shouldn’t even try, you’re sure to be defeated”

And I’m sorry to all of those who enjoy my presence

I wish my mind could define some kind of pleasance

Instead it’s locked up looking like there’s no way out

Instead I try to say nothing but the words still spill that damn doubt


I  love everyone just as much as I don’t

I love everything cuz my brain just won’t

I can’t wrap these thoughts around the world so distant

Everything I feel turns out to be nonexistent


It did not used to be this way I used to feel

The happiness, the joy, the life that’s real

Until she came along and took every part of me

That may have been worth having


So I lead the life I’m living in this sweet despair,

The broken parts are healing, I can’t move just stare

Blankly at the memories that will always be there


As one foot chases the other and my mind calms down,

Remember I walk like everyone else, on the same ground

Got this little pebble ‘spossed to keep me here

Personal trebles make irrational fear


Where do you go when what you needed left you?

Where do you hide when there’s no one to go to?

And the person that you love says they loved you too

But it’s time to move on


So as one foot chased the other I began to notice

Not everything in life has got to be so hopeless

I think it’s important that we all know this

As we carry sublimity, in our numbed out minds and warn out feet

I’ll be here for you whenever you need me

Never forget it’s not as bad as it seems


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