Finding Bliss

Thu, 01/30/2014 - 21:45 -- sreed


Cloudy green eyes
What are you thinking?
I hope not of goodbye.
Have you been drinking?
It's not like you
To come home this late.
What can I do?
You don't look so great.
Is it something I've done?
Or perhaps it was you.
Talk to me, love
Now what can I do?
Fine, no need to talk
Lay down your troubled head.
Tomorrow we will walk
And converse about your dread.
Babe, it's been two long days
Please get out of bed.
Is there anyway
To get through to your head?
Months have passed
While the days slip by.
"Will you be alright?" I ask.
"I'm fine." You always lie.
Cold absent eyes
Where have you gone?
Please come back
It's been way too long.
I can't help you through this
You know how hard I tried.
So, I'll leave you with this kiss
Now it's time to say goodbye.
Goodbye is never effortless
But life sure goes on.
I learned to find my own true bliss
Even though you're gone.
Joyful blue eyes
And long flowing hair.
This is no disguise
I'm finally there.


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