To Find Me


To find love.

To be in love.

To find out who you are,

in this world...

Who has your back?

Who are you?

Who are they?


Feeling alone.

Feeling the need to "go off."

Be alone.

Quiet in this room, alone

Confused, lost, wrapped in one.

What do you say?

When you see things are wrong.

Why always shut down and become silent

when you know it's not right?

What is going on...

In my mind?

Why am I hearing this

when I want to do that?


of being misunderstood.

Wanting to be understood.


To find the wrongs in myself.

Nowhere to go.

No clues.

How to find what I'm missing?

To be in love or not.

With you or myself?

How to find?

To find...



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