#Filter Not Needed


  • Hello World
  • I wake up everyday revealing me
  • You see
  • I am comfortable in Joshua
  • There is no need to hide my attributes with the filters of the world
  • These hurtles of insecurites
  • They do not worry me
  • Me
  • I jump over them with a sort of ease
  • It's contagious
  • Out rageously infectious for the better
  • Like flusters of butterflies
  • Before your eyes
  • One with the skies
  • I fly
  • We wear the mask
  • That grins and lies
  • Laurence Dunbar
  • I've...I've freed myself of mine
  • Fulfilling the the trends of the world
  • A twirl around in the mirror
  • Facing a great reflection
  • Exaspiration has faded
  • I made it
  • I'm free
  • I'm me
  • So do I need that filter
  • Nahh it isn't needed


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