Fighting Anonymity

Often times I tend to find
That all the times we fight and fight
To be an individual
Or even feel that we have pull
To say in how we want to be
We’re fighting anonymity

The daily struggle
Pull and push
Against the trends
And expectations
It makes me wonder if we’ve taken
Care of all we really thought
Or just ideas that we’ve bought

When did it become a thing
To lose, devalue, even ignore
Our daily trek’s become a bore
Where is the spice
The want to be great
That we had when we were eight
The dreams, wishes and fantasies
Have manifested only in our dreams

Each person wants to have their own
Style and identity
With which they’re born
But somehow daily wants and needs
From school to work to surviving the teens
Require us to shallowly conform
And lose our spark
Our drive, our charm

It’s almost like we each have donned
A uniform for all to wear
Of makeup, shoes, outfits and hair
That only are acceptable
But that’s not as far as it can go
It seeps into our wants and dreams
With high school, college, family
Why aren’t we being what we want to be?

Keeping up with the Joneses
Has backed us into the wall
We go to class, we work, pay bills
And all the time
The daily grind
Loses all the spark and thrills
Why can’t we focus on our quirks
And embrace our inner “geeks” and “nerds”

If doing what I want to do
And being who I want to be
Means being laughed at
Receiving smirks
Then so be it, I quit these jerks
I’ll go on to be myself
An amazing nurse who loves to help
I’ll find my niche, my special quirk.

Sticking out like a sore thumb
Is not always a bad thing,
So don’t be ashamed,
It’s a badge to be won.
For when you stick out, with ideas or voices
You’re harder to ignore, including your vices
And when you stand up for what you believe in
You’ll use all your courage and finally win

So let’s all show them how you being you
Embracing uniqueness and following your passion
Creates a bond we all can cash in.
Being one for all and all for one
Means building up not tearing down,
Clapping and cheering and never demeaning
The hard work and passions that benefit us all.


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