The Fight of Your Life


People may shake you, but never let them break you.

You are glorious, you are magnificent,

 you are YOU.

Don’t be afraid to show your talents onto others,

you can only benefit with good.


It has been said, but has it been done?

That you love others?

That you care for others?

That you treat them with respect?

I say no.



It truly is a sin to wish away your days because one day is all you need --

to be great, to be known, to be heard.

Some may shake their heads and say no.

But I say yes.



The hardest opponent you will face in life is yourself.

So don’t live with disgrace, in vain, or in shame.

Being is better than believing.

Make the most of today and be better tomorrow.

For only you can choose your future. 


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