Fight or Flight

I'm crying in the closet

Over a girl

How Ironic 

That now is the moment 

That I want my mother most.

I was shaking on the ground

When I started to stop,

I raised my head up

There were two black spots 

Where my eyes had been 

I started to shake again

I knew I'd be alone tonight

But I never knew how alone I'd feel


I've never wanted to call an ambulance,

But I felt like I was in a trance. 

My heart felt like it was beating out of my chest.

I just wanted to get drugged and have a rest.

I started pounding on my breast.

I felt like a warrior going on a quest,

The punching helped conquest. 

But as I lie still I can't help but suggest

That I have finally descended into madness. 

Then I went and got the cleaning supplies,

And I made the room spotless. 


This poem is about: 
My family


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