fifty three

dear you

things never really went wrong

if you consider that we're still together

I know it hurt when she found out

when she kicked you out

over me

but you told me it would have to end

somehow, eventually

she'd have to face the music:

you don't love her anymore

because she never loved you at all

dear lover

you belong with me

you are more than your income potential

you are more than the body you used to have

these things are not why I love you

you are not your graying hair

or the extra pounds you say you carry

you are more than the number fifty-three

you are not your insecurities

or the insecurities she gave you

dear doctor

you are brilliant

and not even a doctor yet

nonetheless you're my caretaker

up all night to operate on my turbulent soul

never to make a cent

dear sweet

you have always been perfect 

coverboy grin with a silver polish

there isn't shame in age

I love you just the same

the ghost of who you wish

you still appeared to be

is stuck in a polaroid from 1983

but here you are before me

every ounce of platinum-plated perfect


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