Fiery Hiest

Fiery Heist Savana Estes Family ties, our blood, theRed substance that flows within ourBlue veins; our bonds that declare.They proclaim this is what makes us who we are,this is what makes you and I Family.It burns, do you feel it? Does it burn? I’m certain that it’s just dying,just dying inside of your hollow heart… wellit certainly isn’t a heart that you hold.Did you even shed a tear?No hesitation, when playing with devil’s fire. This fire that burns, it is not desire; you know damn well it’s not pride.Did it feel good?To hold that match, the dancing flame was so beautiful; a sense of powerin your hand.Just Like Fire. Are you proud of yourself?Exchanging your bond, so a fix can travel through your veins.Was it worth losing everything?Reeking in your stench of desperation,No self control;Power was priority. Just a burning house,Not a home to you.Just a burning tree,Not a forest.Just people,Not a Family.Fire didn’t care andneither did you.    

This poem is about: 
My family


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