Fiery Checkerboard

Fri, 11/21/2014 - 22:01 -- ylime64

My life has a multitude of pieces
It changes gradually with time
Every choice changes the game
But my checkerboard is damaged
Battered and Broken
Yet it Survives
Each sorrow and pain
Set the board aflame
My beautiful burning checkerboard
The fire burns it up, up, up!
Until the pain ebbs away
And all that's left is what remain 
and black and white ashes
Pieces of my heart lost forever
Though the rest of me remains
Scars from the fire that never fade
But I Will Be Strong
One day the fire will consume me
And I Will Cease To Be
Falling into Death, me and all my scars
But Until That Day Comes
I will continue on...
With memories of sorrow
Me and my Fiery Checkerboard


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