Few Words

Fri, 07/18/2014 - 03:16 -- K-Love

God. People. Pain. Disbelief. Hell. Decisions. Sin. Why hell? Death. Love. Judgement. Satan versus God. Souls. Powers. Glory. Win or loos? Pain. Pure souls. Why can't God have every soul?  Or does he? Pain. Hell. Power. Death. Sin. Shame. Sex. Love. Life. Normal. Why not? Gays. Lesbians. Love. Marriage. Morals. Good. Life. Love. Normal. Music. Hearts. Taste. Sin. Life. Sin. Stupidity. Death. God versus Satan. Poor souls. God. God. God. Please. Pain. No end. Why life?  Love. Suffering. Fruit of life. Falling. Safe. Never. No sleep. God. Son. Love. Win the war. WIn the war. War? Poor souls. Why souls? God. Hate. Love.

Teach me what it means to be free.

To be free from what?

Free from government?

Free from God?

Free from others?

Free from ourselves?

If I am free from the government I own myself.

If I am free from God this earth still claims my body.

If I am free from myself I am owned by a God.

So again I ask what does it mean to be free?

For I see nothing in this world is truly free.


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