The Feminist Conditions

Your role as best friend

Is beginning to be questioned.

Your newfound interests are difficult.

You're so progressive and in tune

With the world and all it's inhabitants,


Life would be much easier

if it was shrooms.

Instead your righteousness

And your call for social justice

Are overwhelming


Your white, southern, struggles are not mine

And yet your comfort as a feminist is impressive.

But do not assume

That your struggles are mine,

Because we share a similar chromosome


And you forget that your feminist movement

Is slowly white washing itself;

Forgetting that the cultural appropriation

Constantly called into question by every

Miley or Justin or Lily--


Is more about hiding and specializing,

Making characteristics exclusive and non-white--

That your appeal at political correctness

Separates the black feminists from the white

And the east-asian feminists from the south-asian


Your concern about Barbie is constant

Her proportions aren't mathematically possible.

Clearly you knew statistics as a young girl

And that lead to your bulimia.

Not your mother or the media or yourself--


But a statistic filled plastic toy,

And so you know that this is terrible.

International barbie sales is abysmal

God forbid the Chinese girls go through

What you did.


Because everyone has the same views as you--

Your hindsight bias is unbecoming.

And for a feminist you sure like to

Pick and nag and gnaw at others;

It's almost like a fear.


A fear of slipping up and not being inclusive enough.

You fear the imaginary feminist police so,

Your low self esteem is leaking through this veil

Of girl power and satisfaction with

Newfound education.


Don't debate with me,

We don't have to compare views;

Neither of us have to be more politically correct.

Just be a feminist,

And, be my friend.



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