Fellsman Chopper/spitfire "Chomos ride"

When I think about evil I think of this man Richard who started off nice, he was charming, but cunning , and evil inside .Told me he was visiting from Texas alone without his wife, said he was bi as he looked into my eyes , said he preferred sex with his step daughter, instead of his wife. He said if I met her I'd know why she was more like a Tom boy a lesbo inside , her mannerism was more like a guy said the first person to top him was a boy named Eli . He told me all this the very first night, because of his interest with incest made him evil inside , he spoke of this train ride in 2009 with all Chomos inside, if the devil had made him it was surely his prize, this the man flurry who left in a hurry , this is the first story of a real Chomos mind

This poem is about: 
My family
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I loved this, thank you

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